Framing AND Transversality?!

There are two concepts, two ideas and they are meant to conflict, in fact I think they conflict but I am hoping by the end of this blog, I find reason as to why they don’t. Lets talk about them….

Andrew Murphie explains that transversality is “a line that cuts across other lines”. (Murphie, 2006, Fibre Culture Journal) Essentially, its this fabulous concept which is meant to break the barriers of media technologies – does it brake the frame? The answer being NO. This is because frames don’t break, they are always in place and always in existence. Just because a line of flight occurs, does not mean there is no frame in place. A frame is almost immediately established for this new transversal. Let us set an example with music because it seems to be the most applicable and probably easiest way of understanding this.

Madonna, yep Madonna. So here we are in the 80’s, think about it, you are just coming out of the 70’s, everyone is still bangin’ on about the Bee-Gees and how great they were (they were pretty great huh). And suddenly, line of flight. There is this woman with crazy hair, fish nets, fuchsia lipstick and a whole lot more sex appeal and pop sound than the Bee-Gees. For perhaps a split second it was like what? And then its was FRAME, FRAME, FRAME. You leave your house and guess what, there is crimped hair and lipstick everywhere!

There is almost of a case of who came first, the chicken or the egg – do we have frames so transversals can defy them or do we have transversals as a result of framing?


Murphie, A 2006, ‘Editorial’. The Fibreculure Journal. Issue 9, viewed 11 April 2011,

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